Our vision

We are a unique company, which produces a large variety of lubricants. We are always improving chemical formulas of our products, to enclose them to the requirements of modern technique.

Our mission

We bring to furiously developing word of technologies unique and at the same time universal lubricants, which are created especially for those, who cares about their machines.

Corporate culture

AZOVMAST company combines high qualified employers, who are aiming to create a modern company where would easy-to-use, multifunctional and always high qualified lubricants be created and produced.

Our values

The modern world is developing very quickly nowdays, modern lubricants must answer the calls of the time, technology level, be on consume grade.

Multiple functionalities
We are working taking into attention one of requirement of time – possibility to use one product for various application areas with saving the same quality

Modern lubricants must be exchangeable with analogs, including well known and expensive brands

Focus on future
Lubricants must be permanent improved and advanced towards nanotechnologies, it is necessary to develop new products for electromobiles, high velocity trains, modern medical equipment, etc.

Envirovmental care
In name of our brand is used name of Azov sea, where is our company situated. Environmental care, including large expanses of water, is one priorities in our development. Our products are not toxicant, some of some are biodegradable, the others by correct using do not bring damage to environmental


1991 a company named ASTROM started in Berdiansk, Ukraine, as a supplier and trade partner of oil- and oil related products. Step by step the company has become a well recognized lubricants company in Ukraine and CIS-countries. In the nineties of last century the company was an official dealer of AZMOL – the greatest lubricants manufacturer in the Ukraine and sold mostly lubricants under this brand name. At the beginning of 2003 was setup its own brand AZOVMAST®, another office- and also production location. Nowadays we are quickly raising developing company with our own product range, product style and marketing concept. We proudly say that AZOVMAST Lubricants has become a well sounding name in the market for premium motor oils and greases for cars and industry. We represent to our customers the leading quality in the premium-, mid-, and budget segment of automotive products.


AZOVMAST is developing rather fast as a flexible lubricants supplier just like as exporter and provides tailor made High Quality products to it’s customers by using a competitive pricing strategy. AZOVMAST has an open window to the Ukrainian market and the larger export markets such as the CIS, EU-markets, middle- and Far East, Africa and South Asia. For several markets we also blend and fill products both – under our own AZOVMAST® label and as private labels. We offer unique blending and sales formulas for each market. All under AZOVMAST produced labels are under continuous quality research and lab-testing procedures. Datasheets for all products can be downloaded from this website or are available on demand.


AZOVMAST has several production locations in some regions of the Ukraine and also abroad. This guarantees the best competitive price and maximum flexibility for its business partners. Next to that the company has large warehouses in some countries ( see the map) that control the overall logistics operation and provides policy of company ‘to be near to its customers”.


We offer various shapes (cans, barrels), sizes and colors of packaging. We are flexible and shall always inventively try to meet with our customers’ demands. Our standard range goes from 0,5/1/4/5/20/60/209 Liter till 1000 Liter. On request we can produce tailor made packaging. This is where flexibility and the long term experience of our team can be of additional value to our customers!


We can act as your partner in private label area! On customers request our chemicals and specialists could support our business partners full circle of “private label” services (developing, manufacturing, filling, packing design and production, transporting). Oils, greases, water-mixed and oil coolants, brake fluids, antifreezes, screen washer fluids and car-care products – all groups of products could be used for this collaboration format. Please contact us to learn more for our perspectives of this co-working.


AZOVMAST Lubricants meets the highest European standards. In our daily operation are incorporated multi-phased lab control of raw materials, lab testing of pre-packed products, permanent inspections, such as by notified bodies like SGS. The high quality of products is confirmed in the first line by our customers, who trust us, and also, by Certificates of Quality, Technical data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, standardized documents. The company has implemented and runs a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Our aim is “offering sustained high quality for reasonable price”


AZOVMAST Lubricants has some warehouses. They are situated in the Ukraine (Berdyansk, Kryvii Rig, Kharkiv) and Poland (Warsaw). Our clients will notice that flexibility and cost reduction by this are incorporated. All are dry storages most with temperature control, that make sure all raw or pre-packed products are kept under the best conditions.


Thanking to the good geographical position and having several warehouses, delivery of goods from our company is possible by road, railway and sea transport. By shipping our goods could be by agreement with the customer packed on wooden pallets.

Standard packing for oils is follow:




1 Liter Can

12 cans in a box

66 boxes on a pallet

4 Liter Can

4 cans in a box

48 boxes on a pallet

5 Liter Can

4 cans in a box

40 boxes on a pallet

20 Liter Can

No packing box

45 cans on a pallet

60 Liter drum

No packing box

25 drums on a pallet

208 Liter drum

No packing box

4 drums on a pallet


Standard packing for greases is next:




0.12 kg plastic tube

60 pcs. in box

60 boxes on pallet

0,4 kg plastic tube

20 pcs in box

100 boxes on pallet

0,4 kg metal tin

36 pcs in box

48 boxes on pallet

0,8 kg metal tin

48 pcs in box

48 boxes on pallet

9 kg plastic bucket

No packing box

72 pcs on pallet

4,5 kg plastic bucket

No packing box

120 pcs on pallet

17 kg metal barrel

No packing box

48 pcs on pallet

52 kg meral drum

No packing box

25 pcs on pallet

170 kg metal drum

No packing box

4 pcs on pallet