Series for passenger cars

AZOVMAST Motor oils – series for passenger cars
After the creation of the first car and its further widespread among the population each user seeks to take maximum care of his iron horse. Today there are in the world many variants of diesel, petrol and gas engines of different configuration, power and different manufacturers. In this variety it’s very important to select the correct Lubricant oil. For each of them we could offer special motor oil. Oil does not only take care of lubricating but also carries out tasks like heat-dissipating, cleaning, sealing, soundproofing, protecting from corrosion and fuel-saving.
We specially have developed a special series for passenger cars – motor oils for different groups of engines ( gasoline ( petrol), diesel, gas, etc.). They are produced to the highest standards and we ensure that the oil exceeds the requirements of all manufacturers. Our oils is the best choose of you engine!

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